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Release time: 2019-12-19 15:38
Designer's "College Entrance Examination" real test, how many points can you score?

Q: You spent a whole day racking your brains and finally made a very satisfactory banner picture. 75 seconds after you sent it to the customer, you received a 60-second voice feedback with intense speech. As a designer, what should you do at this time?
A: Ready to redo.

Q: It's almost time to get off work. The company's colleagues who are preparing for dinner are divided into two groups. One group is going to eat barbecue and the other group is going to eat hot pot. What should you do at this time?
A: Make a cup of coffee and officially start the day's work.

Q: Your girlfriend sent you a WeChat message saying that the niece of her elder aunt's second uncle's nephew is about to open a new milk tea shop and wants you to help design a logo for free. What should you do at this time?
A: A slap to wake myself up, where is the designer's girlfriend?

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