The WHO and HSE have issued guidelines for wearing masks. What is the correct way to wear them in Ireland?

Release time: 2020-03-19 15:36
"This is a face-conscious industry"
"There is also appearance discrimination in the design industry?"
"No, it's looking at the customer's face"

""Which two words do you like the most but fear the most? "
"Final draft"

"Annual meeting design drawing, the customer requires that the background color is gray and the words are yellow"
"Why?" the designer asked.
"The client said what he wanted was a piece of brilliance, gray and yellow"

"What should I do if I live too much recently?"
"I have researched, you can use the auscultation overtime method, specifically, work with a stethoscope in the middle of the night. Once you find an abnormal heart sound, you can ctrl+s in time to avoid losing work progress."

"You have only graduated for two years. How did you get these three years of work experience?!"
"work overtime"

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