The weather is getting hotter, how to wear a mask? The doctor recommends to prepare a few more and replace it at any time

Release time: 2017-05-23 09:22
The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and many office workers wearing masks are miserable. How "suffocating" it is to wear different types of masks, the reporter used an electronic thermometer with a sensor to conduct a comparative test: the temperature of the cheeks inside the mask can reach 34°C to 35°C. Among them, wearing N95 masks warming up nearly twice that of medical masks.

In a ventilated room with a room temperature of 25°C, the reporter attached the sensor probe of the electronic thermometer with medical tape to the right cheek of a volunteer. Without wearing a mask, the surface temperature of the skin on the cheeks of the volunteers was 32.4°C. Afterwards, the volunteers put on general surgical masks. After 4 minutes, the temperature of the cheeks rose by 0.1°C; after 9 minutes, the temperature of the cheeks rose to 34.1°C. After 13 minutes, the temperature of the cheeks rose to 34.3°C. Since then, the cheek temperature has been maintained between 34.1°C and 34.3°C.

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