How beautiful is the face hidden behind the mask?

Release time: 2017-05-22 18:55
Boss: Your white background is too dark. Let's lighten it up. Design Lion: This is the brightest white. The PS display is already pure white. The color value is #ffffff#
Boss: No, yours is not white enough, it feels bright, yours is not enough (while the boss answers the phone, okay, right now, turn down the brightness of the display)
Boss: Are you ready?
Design Lion: Is this okay?
Boss: Deideidei, that's how it feels

Client: Do you see whether this logo can be zoomed in while zooming in. Designer: ...what are you talking about?
Client: I feel that this size is not appropriate. The overall size is larger and the area is smaller. Designer: …what do you say?
Client: Can TM be able to do it? Designer: My ability is limited...

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